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Odborů 10 – Prague 2
Czech Republic

Long term rental conditions and services

If you wish to stay 6 months or more in the town, ‘P.V.H. only charming and luxury flats in Prague’® offers:

  • Professional agents, available without hour limit to show you the apartments;
  • Rental – provides and negotiates rental contracts in both English and Czech languages;
  • Assistance – throughout your stay in Prague, ‘P.V.H. only charming and luxury flats in Prague’®  will provide assistance in all relocation related problems, including extending or concluding your tenancy;
  • Introduction to the town – we can help you to familiarize the city, its resources, shops, and the neighborhoods suitable for your needs;
  • Permits, visas and customs clearance – we can file and secure all needed permits and customs clearance.
  • Fees – there is a fee equal to one month rent per year, for mediation services for long term leasing – longer then 6 months – upon signing a lease contract or taking possession of the property. All fees are subject to 21% VAT. For  a period less then 1 year (between 6 months and 1 year), the fee will be equal to the following ratio: (1 month rental x number of months of rental) / 12 months. For a period longer then 1 year, in any case, is required, a maximum fee equal to 1 month rental;
  • Secure on line booking – efficient on-line bookings with quick replies to your questions using the latest on-line security standards of VISA and MasterCard International; we use “3D Secure” technology (the most advanced security technology today), so that no one, except the bank and the bank’s contractors (Pay MUZO, VISA), can obtain your credit card details; not even ‘P.V.H. only charming and luxury flats in Prague’®, your accommodation provider;
  • Payment of deposits: please be informed that in case you decide to pay the reservation deposit online, you will be charged of an amount equal to a maximum of one-month rent. This reservation deposit can be used as a part of the security deposit, which is payable after signature of a rent contract. Security deposit is equal to two-month rent for partially furnished flats and three-month rent for fully furnished flats.

PLEASE NOTE: after reservation, you will be contacted via email or telephone, within 4 days of your request.