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Odborů 10 – Prague 2
Czech Republic

Long term rental conditions and services

If you wish to stay 6 months or more in the town, ‘P.V.H. only charming and luxury flats in Prague’® offers:

  • Professional agents, available without hour limit to show you the apartments;
  • Rental – provides and negotiates rental contracts in both English and Czech languages;
  • Assistance – throughout your stay in Prague, ‘P.V.H. only charming and luxury flats in Prague’®  will provide assistance in all relocation related problems, including extending or concluding your tenancy;
  • Introduction to the town – we can help you to familiarize the city, its resources, shops, and the neighborhoods suitable for your needs;
  • Permits, visas and customs clearance – we can file and secure all needed permits and customs clearance.


  • In the case of the rent of the unfurnished apartment we require the deposit of 2 months, in the case of the rent of the furnished apartment the deposit of 3 months
  • The deposit shall be returned within 30 days from the end of the lease contract and after hand over of the flat, after evaluation of the damages and after payment of receivables related to the lease
  • The deposit may not be used as payment of the Rent during the period of the Rent

Special condition for mediation of the rental for 3rd parties:

  • There is a fee equal to one month rent per year, for mediation services for long term leasing – longer then 6 months – upon signing a lease contract or taking possession of the property. All fees are subject to 21% VAT. For  a period less then 1 year (between 6 months and 1 year), the fee will be equal to the following ratio: (1 month rental x number of months of rental) / 12 months. For a period longer then 1 year, in any case, is required, a maximum fee equal to 1 month rental;