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New Saint s.r.o.
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‘P.V.H. only charming and luxury flats in Prague’ ® is a trade mark protected, brand of New Saint s.r.o.

New Saint s.r.o., as legal person, was born in 2002; however the Company is a synthesis of a group of architects, engineers and investors who have been operating in Italy since 1970 and in Czech Republic since 1991.

What is ‘P.V.H. only charming and luxury flats in Prague’’s focus/business strategy?

From the beginning the Group, represented by ‘P.V.H. only charming and luxury flats in Prague’ ® (brand of New Saint s.r.o.), is mainly developing historical buildings. Our target is the high quality of each realization, with regard to its historic identity, in accordance with the spirit of the town and of the district. Our works aim to underline the evolution of all the sites through the History until today; moreover we are convinced that it is more profitable to invest important amounts in design and high quality of buildings, to research original solutions for courtyards (both interior and exterior green) and for the bathrooms; at the end we aim to leave to our descendants the same legacy we received from our ancestors. According to our purpose each building and each flat must be luxury, without any doubt; but, first of all, original and charming, more than luxury.

What are some of our current and past projects; when will they be completed?

In Czech Republic, about our properties, we have realized and completed several buildings: Janáčkovo Nábřeží 49 (Prague 5 – Smíchov) Polská 2 (Prague 2 – Vinohrady), Anny Letenské 3 and Anny Letenské 5 (Prague 2 – Vinohrady), Vlašská 5 and Hroznová 4 (Prague 1 – Malá strana), Odborů 10 and Odborů 12 (Prague 2 – New Town –  at the board of Prague 1) , Hořejší nábřeží 25 (Prague 5 – Smíchov). In the near future we are going to start a reconstruction of the  neoclassic building in Týnec nad Sázavou (attached to the river Sázava, 38 km. far from Prague). And in future, we will see.

During the last years, thanks to the appealing results of our interior and exterior design, we worked for several third persons, especially Czech and foreign people; we can’t give names for privacy reasons. However, examples of our previous work (at least photos) can be found bellow in the link Some other out projects realized by by PVH group in Italy and Czech republic.

How to describe the interiors of our apartments?

Too complicate to be described in writing. You can understand checking the pictures attached on this web site, which illustrate our philosophy concerning the exterior and interior design; or, better, visiting our flats.

Who are our clients?

The clients of our properties, as tenants, are generally foreign operators (bankers, directors or high level employees of big companies, professionals etc. requiring in any case charming and high quality of site and flats). Clients, as commissioners of our realization (projects and works integrated), are persons known, generally, through our tenants and our friends.

What is unique about “P.V.H. only charming and luxury flats in Prague”?

You can judge checking again the pictures in above. In words: in ours buildings it’s difficult to find two similar flats; and we project, furnish and care any building and any flat as one can project, furnish and care the flat of his own life. For caring any detail and any decoration, our architects and our technicians are present in the worksite every day. And, first of all, New Saint integrates: research of the building, project, business plan, construction (New Saint with associate P.R. & M. is a construction firm, operating through its own artisans, included blacksmith and wooden workers), furniture (kitchens, wardrobes and bathroom equipments strictly built in), management and maintenance. And our budget, for the development of each building, is more or less the double of the average of the market. It’s impossible, for our type of work, to proceed without the integration we said.

What are medium term and long term goals for “P.V.H. only charming and luxury flats in Prague”?

Very simple to be explained, but not so easy to be realized: exclusive, charming and luxury stay for managers, directors, etc… and the relative families.

A final remark: all of our clients have always appreciated, first of all, the common parts of our buildings and the courtyards with the green. Why don’t the others private developers invest in this type of works?


“P.V.H. only charming and luxury flats in Prague” (New Saint s.r.o.)

The Managing Director