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Odborů 10 – Prague 2
Czech Republic

Available flats at Hořejší nábřeží 25, Prague 5

Hořejší nábřeží 25, Prague 5

The house is located in the attractive conservation area of Smíchov, declared through Decree No. 10/1993 Sb. HMP, issued by the Capital city Prague. This Decree determines the protected areas in the territory of the Capital city Prague. The building offers a splendid view over the river and is part of the urban landscape of the town on the left-side bank of the Vltava river. It can be seen from the opposite Rasin river bank and also from the Palacky bridge. The neighborhood, constantly evolving, offers an abundance of restaurants, shops, shopping malls and multiplex cinemas.

The ornamental facade of the building in Neo-Renaissance style is part of the historical center of Prague which is deeply magical space. The building is located across the river from the historic seat of Bohemian kings – Vysehrad.

The Neo-Renaissance style building, originally four storeys, was built in the nineteenth century, and in the same style as two buildings on its sides. It was subject to a comprehensive and profound reconstruction that lasted until the end of 2011.

In the interiors have been preserved many elements of the artisans – for example, the balustrades, the doors of the apartments and the wood paneled door. Even the windows, that overlook either the courtyard and the street, are original Neo-Renaissance. Interesting details at the windows are handles in the shape of olive.

The house is divided into flats. Specifically, the 12 apartments of various sizes and dispositions. The apartments are very charming, beautifully detailed with a provision in style and all have the view of the river. View of the rivers also offers view of the castle Vysehrad and celebrated building designed by Frank Gehry, the Dancing House, published by the most important architectural journals of the world.

Ideal for your holiday and stay in the long term.