Promotional offer 2016-2017

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is common knowledge that the rent market is living a difficult time. For this reasons we have lowered our prices recently.

Now, we would like to inform you about a promotional initiative decided by the owner of some of the building managed by our company.

The owner decided to take this initiative, only for the building located in Horejisi nabrezi 25, Prague 5, right in front of the river.

The owner, knowing the difficult time of the market but sure about the level of the product which, for the quality (design, layout, high level of finishing and furniture and particular car for the common parts) is above the average of the market, decided in order to make our self know, to propose those flats at the same price of other similar flats (typology) in the same location. The target is to convince the potential clients to decide on the quality and not on the price.

Please find the list of offered flats below: attention, the flats in red are available from now. You can see the characteristics of all flats by clicking on detailed info. We kindly please you to let us know your opinion in regards to the correspondence of the prices with existing market. Do not hesitate to contact us on our email or telephone number +420 728 669 771.

New Saint s.r.o.

List of flats in promotional offer:

Horejisi nabrezi 25 - Smickov







detailed info

HN25 – 2/r

126 sqm




1.400 EUR

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